None Of The Above.

I’ve changed my mind about voting. Just like Russell.

Despite being thousands of miles away I made the effort to register to vote because, for all the credit they deserve (really) for Britain’s improved economic circumstances, these Tories are a nasty bunch (though I do have a sneaking, illogical regard for Gideon).

They can’t seem to stop themselves making life tougher at each turn for the already worst off.

I don’t think they have to be like that. I think there are other ways of going about things. I think they choose to be like that, knowing that they don’t have to be.

That makes them deeply unpleasant. Not the sort of people you would want living next door. Let alone running your country.

I believed I was going to vote Labour, despite my reservations about Miliband and his ‘team’ of second-raters, simply because of their policies on Europe and Scotland.

But In the last week Ed has shown himself up as such a dim-witted lightweight.

I can’t stomach spending the next five years being in any way responsible for having made him Prime Minister.

When he was bold enough to risk it with Brand but too timid, under-prepared and unable to control the conversation I wavered.

And now this business with the slab. The policy promises carved in stone and ‘destined for the Downing Street garden’ have tipped me over the edge.

Firstly because it’s the naffest of naff ideas and not rejecting it as such begs a huge question about Ed’s clarity of mind and judgement. What other stupid ideas might he be willing to go along with? He’s surrounded by people full of them.

Secondly because I really don’t like the unpleasant and UKIP provoked ‘CONTROLS ON IMMIGRATION’ policy promise. It reeks of mis-judged right-leaning populism.

Ed’s leadership of a party that should easily be streets ahead is a calamity. Not so much an accident waiting to happen as an in-progress, multiple vehicle rolling car crash.

Maybe he will become Prime Minister nevertheless. But not in my name. Maybe in Russell’s.

I won’t vote Labour. It makes no difference other than to me; I’m registered in a very safe Labour seat. That’s an easy cop-out I know, and a luxury I would most likely not allow myself in a marginal, but I didn’t invent our so-many-wasted-votes electoral system.

I won’t vote Conservative (see above), loony-tune Green or turncoat Lib-Dem. Or UKIP obviously.

Leaving me precisely no options.

If there were a box for it (and there should be; bring on PR) I’d be putting my cross next to None Of The Above.

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