Wasted effort?


A couple of days ago Ed Miliband tweeted that the Labour Party had achieved its goal of holding 4 million ‘doorstep’ conversations with voters.

Labour politicians I follow have been posting on social media about their interactions with the ordinary folk that they represent, conversations on the doorstep and elsewhere that have helped Ed meet this target.

To win this election Labour needs to beat the other parties, especially the Tories, in any of the seats where they can beat them.

It’s – only – the marginal seats that really count with our unfit for purpose first-past the-post electoral system.

The disappointing, undemocratic reality is that the result in a small number of constituencies with only a few hundred thousand voters between them will decide who forms the next government.

The most important conversations to be had by any party are with only the 40,000 or so undecided swing voters in those constituencies. That’s where Labour should be concentrating their efforts.

Lilian Greenwood* and Chris Leslie, traipsing around safe Nottingham seats is all very nice and worthy, respectful of their electorate and all that, but it’s not the best use of the energies Labour has available to it. The party has many more ‘boots on the ground’ than the Tories but they are not much use if they are going around preaching to the converted.

Ed says the party will hold another 1 million doorstep conversations before the ballot.

May I suggest knocking on the right doors.

And then bringing about proper electoral reform so that every doorstep conversation and every vote counts.

*That’s Lilian on the right in the photo (with the lovely Gill Haymes). The photo copyright and credit belongs to Councillor Michael Edwards who blogs about doorstep conversations here.

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One Response to Wasted effort?

  1. MumblingNerd says:

    You can only hope that our farcical electoral system will, again, produce such an undemocratic outcome that more people will lean towards reforming it. The one and only benefit I can see in the present system is that UKIP may end up with no seats at all.

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