Hey Man!


Maybe you saw Simon Hattenstone’s (quite affectionate) profile of Ed Miliband in the Guardian over the weekend. Did you read it?

He’s never met me so I’ve no first hand impression of him but from what I’ve seen on TV and read I’ve not been much impressed by Ed Miliband since he became Labour leader.

His brother met me a couple of times. He was very impressive and it’s still hard to get away from the idea that if Labour wants to win the next election they elected the wrong Miliband.

Ed’s defenders in the party, quoted by Hattenstone, highlight the policy differences between the two, particularly on bombing Syria. Or not.

But it’s not clear policy differences between the two brothers that we need to know about. It’s clear policy differences between Labour and the Tories that are not clear enough.

How a potential Prime Minister comes across as a person is important too.

Cameron is not especially likeable but he has the advantage of the aura of incumbency.

Ed is described as likeable, clever, witty, funny by those who know him but has the disadvantage of also being geeky, nerdy and wonky.

Not the sort of guy, unlike the fly-in-the-ointment Farage, you would want to spend time in the pub with.

Or would you?

Hattenstone reveals that Miliband is obsessed with pool and snooker and is a massive fan of Ronnie O’Sullivan. He seems always keen to play pool.

How has no Labour spinner not picked up on this already?

If the seven (or eight) header TV debate format cannot be settled easily in a way that ensures equal exposure for all, how about a game of killer?

If a new format is needed to get the Cameron one-on-one back on the road, how about best-of-three?

Winner stays on.

“Hey man” is how Milband greets Hattenstone. Really.

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