Rihanna Republic


December 2014

It can’t have escaped your notice – I wish it had mine, I hate it when the bile rises so – that “Wills and Kate” have been in New York where they were treated ‘like royalty’.

Coverage in the New Zealand Herald said that they had ‘shown a common touch’ by “holding their own umbrellas”.

And yet there is plenty of evidence (go on .. Google ‘Wills & Kate umbrella’) that this is not a new skill. Both of them have previously demonstrated at least some umbrella-handling talent.



Which is a good thing because they would not want to feel in any way out of place when they meet people of genuine talent .. Beyoncé, Jay Z, LeBron James etc.

And it sets them apart from mere ELECTED heads of state .. See, Barack Obama (Who’s his Grandmother?) can’t manage it.


I’ve had enough of all this (no not this, I could go on and on, enough of them) haven’t you?

Let the old lady ‘reign’ – and die – in peace, show her a bit of gratitude for a job well done but be clear it’s not a job we need doing anymore.

No King Charles (or Arthur as some suggest he intends to Marathon-Snickers himself).

No King William.

No King George.

No King. No Queen. No Monarchy.

I’d rather have a Rihanna Republic.

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