A Mayor for Nottingham. One week to go. Desperate measures.

I’ve been disappointed that those who oppose a mayor for Nottingham have chosen to run a negative campaign.

They stand only against a new democracy for Nottingham rather than making any stand in favour of the status quo.

They have not advocated for the current system that sees the Leader of the Council chosen by just his colleagues in a secret meeting. They’ve stood only against change.

Now with less than a week to go the Nottingham Labour party has put into circulation – near mosques says the man from the bbc – a leaflet that promotes opposing a mayor because the BNP supports the idea.

I don’t think the BNP or their fellow-travellers the EDL have any chance of electoral success in Nottingham whatever the system we use to choose our leader.

I think setting out to scare people that they might is .. well .. words fail me.

It’s certainly unnecessary given the Labour party-machine’s ability to mobilise the postal votes that will probably swing this ballot in their favour.

Maybe they have an eye on the future.

A greater threat to the established order of things might come from a Respect candidate for mayor.

I don’t think Respect would win in Nottingham either but they could pull a big chunk of grassroots support away from Labour in some parts of the city. Maybe enough to open the door to an attractive Conservative or independent candidate.

We live in a democracy (hurrah). Any open political contest can test more likely candidates, including those from established political parties, against extremists and opportunists.

I trust the vast majority of the public, when casting their votes, to know the difference and to choose wisely.

This referendum is about the mainstream not extremism.

It’s about deciding who chooses the person who leads Nottingham.

A few people? Or all of us?


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Credit to @mikebettison, the man from the bbc, for the pic.


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