YES to a Mayor for Nottingham.

Successful cities are led by mayors.
Overseas investors expect to meet a mayor.
Mayors will have faster access to government and investment.
Cities without mayors will find it harder to attract new jobs.
We should all get to vote for our mayor.
Vote for ‘a change from how the council is run now’ on May 3rd.

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One Response to YES to a Mayor for Nottingham.

  1. Bill bloggs says:

    Very much like the cut of your jib – the No campaign has been absolutely ludicrous in its assertions. However, it has to be noted that the Yes campaign has not done enough to admit the potential pitfalls of the mayoral system, but still pointing out that they’re totally outweighed by the positives.

    There were indeed Labour-branded 4-side ‘berliners’ left lying around Loxley this week, something which I’d assumed would actually be a breach of the Constitution (especially during the purdah period) considering that external visitors did actually see the adverts on display.

    The problem is that Labour love mayors when they’ve got an ultra-popular candidate who polls highly in a locale, but despise them when they haven’t.

    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see a genuinely independent mayor who’s thought processes were free of any party political pigswill and line toeing.

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