Dining at the top table? Or living off crumbs?

Yesterday David Cameron said that elected city mayors will have direct regular access to the highest levels of government because a “mayors cabinet” will meet at least twice a year bringing together mayors, the Prime Minister and other senior politicians.

Cameron said city mayors could “really drive” political and economic renewal in England that they would improve accountability, were better able to take “bold and difficult” decisions and that the “mayors cabinet” will give cities the opportunity to lobby the Government as well as swap ideas and initiatives.

“I’m really enthusiastic about this because I profoundly believe we should be moving our country to having more directly-elected mayors in our big cities. I want, when we have a good number of mayors around the country, to bring them together so we can swap ideas, experience and initiatives, and we can really make sure that central government is not just helping to deliver these referendums but is also going to start delivering extra power, extra resources, to those cities and to those mayors, so they can get even more things done.”

Some people may pretend otherwise but, whatever you think of him, David Cameron is the current and, unless the Labour Party does something pretty damn quickly about the unelectability of their wrong Miliband, then he will most likely be Prime Minister in the next Parliament too.

What Dave says about elected mayors matters and he gives them the thumbs up. The political wind is blowing in the direction of elected mayors for big English cities.

On May 3rd Nottingham voters must choose to stick with the local politics of the past or to move with the political times.

To dine at the top table or to live off crumbs.

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