dot2dot top tips. Bristol then Nottingham

This post is about dot2dot 2011 not 2012. Whoever is on this year it will be brilliant again. For only twenty quid.

Greetings pop pickers. One down, one to go. Two if you’re doing Manchester too but I’m too old for three day benders these days.

These days two day benders will do.

Yesterday we saw about twenty acts in Bristol; here’s some hazy feedback.

If you like cute child prodigy with guitar and loop pedal tricks I think you will especially enjoy Ed Sheeran. Even if you don’t much like that kind of thing don’t miss him. If you go for acoustic guitar girls Allie Moss might be your thing.

Because I particularly like it when things get a bit heavy – and especially so when ladies are involved i massively enjoyed both Braids and Cults.

The Naked and Famous are more dancy and their oriental feminine touch is key to their sound and success.

Is Tropical offer a veiled threat of something very promising. Morning Parade will be massive (think Kean, U2, Coldplay, Stereophonics). See them today, you’ll hate them tomorrow.

My don’t bothers are Born Blonde, All the Young and Jake Morley despite the hype.

Later on Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs was worth it for the headgear alone and Mat Horne deserves a try out.

Today it’s To Kill a King, Joy Formidable, Hot Horizons and Trophy Wife plus Trail of Dead for old time’s sake.

And whatever else turns up at random.


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