This is not a film review. Nor an Oscars tip.

I went to see The Social Network last night. There was a one-off showing with post-match talk and Q&A at Broadway as part of a series about work – Made in Dagenham is on next week.

I missed it when it came out mainly because I didn’t bother with it because I expected it not to tell me anything of the facebook story or about Mark Zuckerberg that I hadn’t heard or read already.  And it didn’t.  I found it to be all a bit ‘so what?’ except for Justin Timberlake playing Jonathan English playing Sean Parker; he’s great and only when he’s on screen does the pace rise much above the pedestrian.  Sorkin’s script may be neat but it’s a film crippled by an essentially one-dimensional narrative. (The little-Winkle twins are like something out of Scooby Doo.) It made me warm to Mark Zuckerberg mind you.

I went to see it this time around because, unusually, I’ve seen a few of the front-runners for the Best Picture Oscar, and I have a favourite, so I decided to check this one out.

I think The Social Network got its nomination because it’s the zeitgeist movie even though you could say it’s a year – or two even – late.

I think Toy Story 3 is the great; you really can believe that – unbelievably – they’re going to kill them all off.  It’s certainly the best or second best film about toys that I’ve seen.  Good luck to it.

I think The King’s Speech is over-rated (in the UK at least) despite performances of obvious merit (with Rush outdoing Firth in my book).  It’s good but it could be expensive television drama (HBC was better in Toast wasn’t she?).

There are a bunch of other contenders I’ve not seen but I’d be mighty surprised if they’re any better than Winter’s Bone which I have seen and which is ace.  It won’t have done Missouri’s tourism numbers much good but it won the 2010 Sundance Grand Jury Prize, it’s gripping start to finish and Jennifer Lawrence, herself nominated, is great.  It’s up for 4 Oscars.  I hope it wins Best Picture and Best Actress at least.  Whether it does or not, be sure to see it when it comes back around.  Here’s a taste of it.

PS.  We are only in the early years of the digital revolution.  Some say the internet itself really is the star of The Social Network.  About 40 people hung around for the short post film talk and Q&A with a lecturer from the University of Nottingham.  A quick poll revealed that between us we had only two smartphones, one Apple, one Android.  (Someone said something about a Blackberry but Blackberries don’t count.) Two. Wow!

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