We don’t need no metrication (of queuing).

Listening to Five Live this morning on the way up a hill to watch the (tail-end) of today’s total eclipse of the moon I was interested to hear Shelagh Fogarty describe the snow-caused Eurostar queue at St Pancras International as being a kilometre long.

Did I miss the metrication of queuing?  I wasn’t aware it had even gone imperial.

There is a perfectly well-established methodology for measuring a queue.  A scale everyone recognises.  It goes like this.

1. A queue (normally orderly).
2. A queue out the door (probably a food queue in Soviet Russia).
3. A queue up the street (like on Rock City student night).
4. A queue up the street and round the corner (that’s a long wait for anything).
5. A queue right around the block (during a run on the banks?).
6. A queue for a polling station in a country where they’ve not had an election in decades (worth it, however long you have to wait).

And that’s it.  (With the exception of queues at bars, which are measured using the people-depth scale but that’s a story for another day).

We don’t need no metrication (of queuing. Otherwise it’s quite handy).

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