Where are you listening to?

There’s a community radio station in New Zealand called Fresh FM that comes out of the top of the south island. Sean, Dave and Fenton present Fresh Start Thursday from 7am to 9am or 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday night if you live in the UK. Sean’s a Barker so that’s a good start; I have no idea who Dave and Fenton are. The shows ‘near-unique’ chat, music-with-a weekly-theme and audience-interaction works for everyone else, so why not Dave, Sean and the other one?

526 people like Fresh Start Thursday on facebook so they’re up there with Pizza Party featuring Max & Kevin on East Village Radio coming out of a shop front, live from the streets of New York City.  528 people like Max & Kevin.   Station-mates Tim Love Lee and Coach MP’s Two for Tennis has only 271 likes which is wack because their already five year old show is great.

I don’t listen to UK music radio at the time of broadcast (Jarvis excepted).  I listen to Sean, Tim, Kevin, Fenton, Dave, Mike and Max.   And Khaya (she’s on EVR too). And Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.  And stuff.

I listen to music radio from other places at a time of my choosing (they’re all listenagainable).

Where are you listening to?

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