Free-fallin’ for Sarah Palin (all over again)?

(You’ve probably seen this already, but in case you haven’t.)

It’s a brilliant piece of political branding and not just another hyperbolic US political advertisement because Sarah Palin is not just another US politician.

Sarah’s not declared for the Presidential race in 2012 yet but if this ad is not a declaration of that intent, what is it for? She’s wrapping herself in the flag and bathing in the Tea Party’s electoral success, evoking Ronald Reagan and the American wilderness.

“Everyday Americans standing up and speaking out. More than enough reason to have faith in America. The time-tested truths that made this country great. Confident and hopeful. Our movement. Our moment. Our morning in America. Stand up. Speak out. It may take some renegades going rogue. To get us there. It may take folks shaking it up. To get there. We gotta do this together.”

Could the USA be free-fallin’ for Sarah Palin (all over again)?

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