Have I got (stolen) spews for you.

Here’s the real thing : The Guardian’s Adrian Searle is thrilled by the best British Art Show ever which opened on Friday at three venues in Nottingham.

The kids will love this one.

Here’s just a snippet of what Adrian has to say : “What time is it? No need to check your watch. You can watch a movie instead, or rather snatches of thousands of films, each of which features a timepiece of some sort: a digital alarm clock, Big Ben, a fob-watch or a Rolex. And each clip tells the right time, at the moment you look. It’s astonishing.”

and, “The best British Art Show I’ve seen – and I’ve seen them all, back to the late 70s. It is full of variety, wit and seriousness. The coming economic cuts might mean that big shows like this no longer even happen, let alone tour. Some might think that this is a good thing. We all might end up like the young man in underpants, who sits on top of a council bench, his feet on the black metal seat, staring at the floor. Down at the other end of the bench a small fire burns merrily. Did someone spontaneously combust? Or maybe the youth decided that starting a fire was less effort than putting some clothes on. That’s Britain for you.”

Read all of what Adrian thinks here gu.com/p/2kjeg/tw and in today’s G2.

Read even more here http://www.britishartshow.co.uk or www.mynottingham.gov.uk/bas7

Better still come and see for yourself at Nottingham Castle, Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange until January 9th.

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