Fraser Nelson wouldn’t be biased in any way would he?

In a very interesting article on ‘coffee house’ which is The Spectator’s blog site the mag’s editor Fraser Nelson rails against the media’s ‘failure’ to paint what he sees as the whole picture of today’s spending review.  Apparently they have missed the half of the story about the creation of 1.5M jobs that do not and may never exist, choosing to focus instead on the 0.5M jobs that do now exist but will no longer exist.

He goes on to say, “Half a century ago, CP Snow wrote about the “two cultures” of science and the arts, breaking apart from each other and not understanding each other. The problem with too much British journalism is that the guys who do words do not understand the guys who do numbers. The result is a public being misled about what is happening in George Osborne’s statement today.”

In my experience there is truth in the bit about words people not doing numbers.  It reminds me of there being three types of economist – the ones who can count and the ones who cannot.

Read more here of what Fraser has to say at

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